Many years ago, when our four sons were young, my wife and I bought them a telescope.  I remember the first time we set it up in the front yard and aimed it at a full moon. WOW!  The details of the lunar surface (craters and valleys) jumped out through the eyepiece. It was stunning. In the evenings that followed, we locked in on Venus and the Big Dipper.  Then we took a trip to the desert.   From a vantage point unspoiled by city lights the Milky Way exploded across the sky.  

This experience wasn’t just a great time of family bonding.  It was also an opportunity to draw closer to God. Looking intently at stars, planets, the moon and our galaxy made the Psalmist’s ancient words come alive:  The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.  Each night God speaks to us through the cosmos. What a thought.

This incredible perspective of God and humanity is at the heart of THE CALL OF THE COSMOS — a 58-minute odyssey from Earth to the edge of the observable universe filled with spectacular imagery that takes your breath away.  But this documentary is more than an exploration of incredible natural wonders.  It’s also a journey into the heart and mind of God.  For as we travel through outer space, we catch unforgettable glimpses of the Creator’s artistry, power, wisdom and compassion.  He is the God who calls each star by name … and knows every thought, hurt and need we have.

During the past 21 years, I’ve been blessed to work on several projects that have caused me to pause and really take stock of my relationship with the Lord.  This is one of those films. The world tells us that we’re insignificant motes of dust, lost and alone in a cold dark universe.  But God declares (through the Scriptures and a universe of mind boggling dimensions) that — in his eyes — we are each creations of incalculable worth.  

Produced & Directed by

  • Lad Allen

Edited by

  • Jerry Harned

Photography by

  • Jerry Harned
  • Don Valentine
  • Tim Doherty
  • Lad Allen

Written by

  • W. Peter Allen

Animation by

  • Joseph Condeelis
  • Jerry Harned
  • Tim Doherty

Narrated by

  • Alvin Chea
  • Tom Roberts
  • Cole Chea

Original Musical Score by

  • Mark Edward Lewis

Science Consultants

  • Paul Nelson
  • Timothy Standish
  • David F. Coppedge